Basic Office Chair Parts and Where to Find Them

Are you shopping for chair parts that needed replacement? No matter what type of office chairs you use at home or in the office, you can easily locate good quality chair parts to repair broken office chairs. Save up on repair fees. Be wise in choosing and shopping for the parts you need by getting a good grasp of different office chairs’ basic parts and knowing how they work.

An office chair is specifically designed for the workplace. It may not be receiving much attention but it is actually an essential part of any office, wherever located. An office chair helps you operate and conduct your business affairs comfortably and effectively. Office chairs of good quality can last for many years. Should the time come that they get broken or damaged, think twice before making a new purchase. You can find office chair parts easily online at good prices.

Different types of office chair include swivel, leather, cushioned, reclining, and ergonomic office chairs. Some manufacturers specialize in one kind of chair while others offer different lines of chair to meet your specific needs. Office chair parts are not entirely unique with any type of chair you choose, although some parts may be exclusive to one chair or brand only. Read on for an overview of basic office chair parts.

Some office chair parts common to most types are:

Mechanism – Located underneath the seat, the chair mechanism is perhaps the most complex part of an office chair. Fitted with buttons or levers, it controls the adjustment capabilities of a swivel office chair. The mechanism also links the stem with the main frame. Chair mechanisms come in two types: the manual and gas types. If the mechanism can be unbolted, it can be replaced when damaged. Otherwise, a broken chair can no longer be restored.

Cylinder or post. This is the long bar that supports the entire seat. For office chairs with gas mechanism, the term gas cylinder is used. For manual operated chairs, the bar is called a post. Usually, the bar consists of two separate pieces connected together by screws. It is easy to get a replacement for this part.

Base – The base is the part of the chair touching the floor surface. Coming in different shapes and designs, it plays a crucial role of evenly distributing weight. Some chairs have four arms extending from the base and others have six. The arms are made of either metal or plastic. The entire base is held together by tensions or screws.

Casters and caster wheels – The most common office chairs today have wheels for easier movement. Casters are the frames wherein these wheels are housed. They are attached to each arm extending from the office chair base.

Cover or cushion – Office chair covers, which are available in a wide array of designs and colors, can be fitted on any type of office chair for additional comfort and style. Cushions especially help alleviate the stress and tension the back receives upon sitting in one position for long hours. Manufacturers make them available at attractive prices.

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